2 days before gathering of Basiji students:

Fars News: No difference between British Embassy and the "Nest of Spy"

Fars News Agency compared the British Embassy in Tehran with the former American Embassy and asked for complete annihilation of British, German and French "Nests of Spy" in Tehran.

An hour after passing the Law of decreasing the relation of the Islamic Republic with Britain in the Islamic Council, Fars News agency asked for annihilation of embassies of these three European countries.

In his note, Fars News Agency has named British Embassy as the "Nest of Spy" and implicitly asked Basiji students to occupy the embassy.

Criticizing the law of decreasing relations with Britain, the news agency has asked the officials of the Islamic republic, especially the Islamic Council, to completely cut Tehran/London relations and fire the British ambassador from Iran. 

Moreover, Fars News Agency has asked for annihilation of French and German embassies and firing their ambassadors as well.

Due to new sanctions against the Islamic Republic provided by some European countries, the relation of the Islamic Republic with America and Europe is now darker than ever.

This Sepah-related News agency is offering its request 2 days before the gathering of Basiji students in front of British Embassy in Tehran.

Basisji students are going to gather in front of British embassy in Tehran on Tuesday November 29. 

In their speeches, a group of extremist conservatives of the Islamic Council has asked for annihilation of British Embassy in Tehran as well.

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