Quoting Rahim Mashayi, Reza Golpour says:

Khamenei and his supporters have just 7 million votes

Reza Golpour, a conservative cultural and political activist, in a quotation made by Esfandiar Rahim Mashayi the chairman of Ahmadi Nejad's office said that Khamenei and his supporters have just 7 million votes in each election.

In an interview with Hamshari Mah 77, Mr. Golpour added that Rahim Mashayi had said the mentioned issue and had suggested that "we have to benefit from all the people around us".

During the 11-day absence of Ahmadi Mejad, several quotations were published made by the head of the tenth State which indicated Ahmadi Nejad had lost millions of votes for the sake of Khamenei's support in 2009 elections.

The supporters of Khamenei are angry with attributing the decrease in the votes or the failure in the elections to Khamenei's support by Ahmadi Nejad's team.

Last week, Mojtaba Zolnoor, the representative of Khamenei in Sepah had clearly declared that the reason for supporting Ahmadi Nejad in 2009 elections by Sepah and the other conservatives was to behave according to Khamenei's points of view.

In 1997 presidential election, Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri was the favorite candidate of Ali Khamenei. He lost the election to Mohammad Khatami, but the leader of the Islamic Republic compensated this failure in 2005 and 2009 presidential elections.

In the ninth and the tenth elections Mr. Khamenei implicitly supported Ahmadi Nejad and so allowed Sepah and Basij forces to cheat in the elections.

Quotations of Rahim Mashayi are a clear sign of the size of the votes of Ali Khamenei in each election, and this is the fact that had been discovered in many polls.

This fact is being cleared while Khamenei and his supporters claim that more than 24 million people have voted Ahmadi Nejad in 2009 elections.


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